Integrative Medicine

A multi-disciplinary approach that allows the treatment of a whole person by addressing important, but often overlooked, factors like nutrition, stress, exercise, genetics, environment, and lifestyle.

Preventative Medicine

Integrating conventional and preventative medicine allowing comprehensive healthcare that treats patients, not just disease.

Internal Medicine / Primary Care

Internal Medicine and Primary Care, dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases.

Common issues:

  • back pain, cholesterol problems, respiratory conditions, blood pressure, diabetes, headaches and migraines, weight management, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder

More Services

-I.V. Infusions

-Additional labs through GENOVA Labs:

-Heavy Metal Testing

-Micronutritional Testing

-Leaky Gut Testing

-SIBO Testing

-Food Allergy Testing

-Hormonal Testing

-BHRT Therapy

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